The purpose of this book is to be a general rule of thumb in cross
referencing Enneagram character-types with
A Course In Miracles
channeled material and the wisdom therein.  It is not to be considered
an encyclopedia of
Course issues and references "set in stone."

It is also the purpose of this book to expand the rationalizations of
Course In Miracles,
to better see an ancient framework of wisdom used
in the Gospels by Jesus, and to better understand how He enabled
individuals to be saved from themselves.  

A Course In Miracles exhorts us to seek peace and then, turn from
the fear in our lives to love.  The Enneagram shows us the character's
path of growth and health as well as the paths of dematerialization and
unhealth in each specific character.

The paths of growth and dematerialization will be forth coming in my
next book entitled, "Miracle Transformations."  

This volume will explain the enneatypical growth and degeneration
lines in terms of the
A Course In Miracles Workbook for students.

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