It has always been my opinion that the COURSE IN MIRACLES has had a
need for an invasive legend to identify "character object relations" as
defined by Melany Cline, MD.

The Enneagram of Miracles endeavors to be the object relations
framework to sort out the  character issues related in the Course process.

The Enneagram serves as the "Cartographic Legend" as it were, in the
sorting out the Course character issues and at the same time the Course
descriptions expand the enneatype interpretations within the character

This has been my six year labor of love.  I hope you, my reader, will enjoy
wide acceptance in behavioral circles as a very reliable test and measure
of character so also has the
Course in Miracles been accepted as a viable
therapy tool for in-depth examination of "soul-stuff" for individuals
examining their life.

It was my purpose to marry the two schools of thought.  The enneagram
serves as a guide to best understand the Course issues.  And the Course
issues serve best to expand the philosophy of the enneatype in terms of
seeking peace and living in God's love.

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