Dr. Tim Morgan is the author of The Enneagram of Miracles.

In the past, he has been a professional speaker, a National Guild Of Hypnotists Instructor, a Hyperbaric Company owner (Air Wizard), and an ordained minister. He is a certified Handwriting Analyst and continues to serve as a Court Document Examiner.

As an ordained minister, Dr. Tim Morgan founded and directed the Light of The Soul Center in Kelso, Missouri.

His undergraduate work was accomplished at Rutgers
University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
His Ph.D. and Th.D. were awarded by Alameda University, Boise, Idaho.  He graduated from the New Jersey
State Trooper's Police Academy and has a Master's in Science in Criminal Justice Administration.  
He is a graduate of The Soul-Esteem Center Ministerial School in St. Louis, Missouri.  He trained physician clinics in Hyperbaric Medicine, gave lectures on autism and was editor-in-chief of "Mild Hyperbaric Research Group of North America" newsletter.  He served as a guest lecturer at the Southeast Missouri State University in the Psychology Department as well as the Sociology and English Department.

He trained Hypnotherapists on the use of the Enneagram as a psychological assessment tool for twenty years.  Prior to his retirement, he taught, lectured, counselled and presented a weekly Sunday Service
called Light Of The Soul Center where "
A Course In Miracles" was taught every Sunday morning.

Dr. Tim Morgan lives in Kelso, Missouri, and is available for speaking and workshop engagements.

Light of the Soul Center
100 S. Hwy. 61
Kelso, MO, 63758
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